A Single Drop

by Michael Brown

A single drop of water drips out of brass tubes onto a water platform. The spot light creates beautiful shadows on the back wall. Visitors are encouraged to recline on a carpeted platform to gaze up into the ever-changing patterns.


Dimensions: 48" x 108" x 36"

Artist Statement:

This piece evolved from two different experiences I had while visiting friends. One occurred in a Redwood Forest up in Northern California. It had just finished raining and the sun was starting to break through the clouds. Through a clear glass skylight in the roof of a friends cabin, I saw drops of water falling from branches of a very tall redwood tree. The sunlight glistened in the drop as it fell. It was so high up it seemed to fall forever. I was mesmerized by these simple falling drops. I experimented by positioning my head so the drop would fall directly towards my eye. I blinked every time-a natural reflex. The second part I call the "L.A. pool effect". Dancing patterns of light reflected from the rippling waves of a swimming pool. The patterns seem so complex and chaotic, yet there is order within the waves that emerge and repeat. Stare long enough and your mind will discover these complex relationships within the waves. For this show I wanted to create a simple, relaxing and medative space to allow for a chance to get lost in the chaos.