Slime Trace:
A Tale of Two Slimes

by Gail Wight


This exhibit shows video and print footage of two slime molds: Physarum Polycephalum and Dictyostelium Discoideum. The flip book graphics describe various characteristics of the slimes such as habitat, structure, and lifestyle. Windows in the pages reveal video images of the slimes' life cycles. This exhibit should be set up in teh darkest corner of your exhibition space.

Dimensions: 42" x 37" x 17" Weight: 100 lbs.

Artist's Comments:

Looking like the complex branches of a never-ending nerve cell, physarum polycephalum caught my attention. Beyond its brilliant yellow beauty, physarum presents a wonderful visual demonstration-both direct andanalogous-of a seeking intelligence. Pulsing like a tiny ocean, this creature offers an oddly formal affinity with human consciousness.