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With two rovers on Mars, we'll update you on all the latest findings. This week, learn more about the Rock Abrasion Tool (RAT).

With two rovers on Mars, we'll update you on the latest findings. This week we hear about Spirit Rover's memory problems, the possibility of water on Mars, and about other missions to the Red Planet.

Two rovers are set to land on Mars during NASA���s Exploration Rover mission. The second, Opportunity, should land today. We���ll review the Exploration Rover mission thus far.

Take a virtual tour to discover what it might be like to touch, smell, and hear on Mars.

We mirrored NASA TV. Peek into the control room as the Opportunity rover lands on the Red Planet.

Water has been called ���the elixir of life��� but was there ever water on Mars? Explore this and other questions about possible Martian life.

From science fiction and toys to invasion of Mars movies, we'll take a look at how martians have inspired our imaginations.

On Mars, would a Frisbee ���fris���? Would a boom box ���boom���? Exploratorium scientist Paul Doherty demonstrates how Mars���s gravity would affect our toys and gadgets.

With Special Guest Dr. Robert Full! Witness robots that scurry, cockroach-like, over walls and other obstacles. Get a sneak peek behind UC Berkeley���s Poly-PEDAL Lab, a hotbed of Bay Area robotics innovation.

We'll check in with scientists at JPL and find out what unexpected discoveries they've made in the first two weeks of observation.