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On June 6, 2015, the Exploratorium hosted the Science of Sharing Forum, a public event featuring presentations by researchers and educators and activities exploring cooperation and sustainability. These talks and demonstrations shed light on how scientists study human behavior and fostered insight into large-scale societal challenges—such as energy use, ecosystem collapse, international conflict, and climate change—that depend on people negotiating ways to share finite resources and act for the long-term good of all.

Beck Tench and Elizabeth Fleming led the development of Experimonths, social-media activities that brought Science of Sharing to the wider world. Beck Tench is an educator, designer, and technologist who works with museums, libraries, and other cultural institutions to embrace risk-taking, creativity, and change. Elizabeth Fleming is Director for Learning Environments at the Museum of Life and Science. She plays a key role in exhibit design and evaluation and is a strong advocate for museum cultures fostering lifelong learning and science as a way of knowing.

Dr. Carol Greider is a professor of molecular biology and genetics at Johns Hopkins University. She worked with molecular biologist Elizabeth Blackburn to discover the role of telomeres—segments of DNA that protect and stabilize the ends of chromosomes. Dr. Greider tells us about her work and shares her thoughts about the importance of mentors for women in science.