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Philip Glass is an enduringly prolific composer, collaborator, intellectual, and inventor of a pedagogue Nadia Boulanger and sitarist Ranew kind of music now known as minimalism. In this extensive and candid interview from 1988, Glass discusses many things, including his involvement in world music, his innovative approach to rhythm, and his work with film and opera. He also talks about the people who have inspired him, including legendary vi Shankar, and the unique human narratives that he finds inspirational. The interview includes many samples of his musical work.

TI staff biologist Karen Kalumuck busts some of the myths about taste, and presents a few fun activities for the classroom.

A stack of blocks seems to defy gravity in this activity by Exploratorium staff educator Don Rathjen.

A veteran teacher describes his first year of teaching, and the myriad things he adjusted to while he learned the profession he loves.

What do polarized sunglasses have to do with dog urine? Listen to this curious story from staff physicist Paul Doherty.

TI program participant Mark Hespenheide presents an elegant illustration of free fall using string and paper clips.

How do you give your students the words they need to understand an activity or a topic? TI Staff Educator Modesto Tamez explains his opinion that vocabulary is best given towards the end of a lesson, not at the beginning.

Our host, Stephanie Chasteen, shares some more fun facts and activities having to do with the science of sound.

Kids can be pretty skeptical, which can help them to learn more. Children’s book author David Schwartz shares some of the letters from classes who thought they should double-check the numbers in some of his books.

Staff educator Tory Brady tells you how to make a teaching box—a valuable tool for getting yourself organized to teach a great science unit.