Lab and Lunch: Seeing the Blue Serengeti

Understanding Life in the Open Ocean

Thursday, November 7, 2013 • 12:00–1:00 p.m.
Exploratorium, Pier 15, Bay Observatory Gallery
Free; RSVP required for lunch*

Where exactly do tuna, sharks, sea turtles, and other open-ocean swimmers go when they’re far from shore? Join Randy Kochevar from Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station to hear about the Tagging of Pacific Predators (TOPP) project, which tags and tracks 22 different top ocean predator species. These tags automatically upload data on location and ocean conditions to a satellite at pre-set times or whenever the animal surfaces. Kochevar will discuss the migration routes of these predators, and what research is telling us about their lives and ecosystems.

Randy Kochevar is a Science Communications Officer at Hopkins Marine Station, which manages the TOPP project with NOAA's Pacific Fisheries Ecosystems Lab and UC Santa Cruz's Long Marine Laboratory.

The Exploratorium’s Lab and Lunch is a free lunchtime series for adults that explores new work and collaborations between visiting scientists, educators, or artists and Exploratorium staff. Spend your lunch break in the Exploratorium’s beautiful Bay Observatory Gallery, get a free* catered lunch, learn about new research and work-in-progress, see demonstrations, and meet visiting scientists.

The series is funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

*There is no cost to attend the Lab and Lunch program, but you must RSVP in order to get a lunch. A limited number of lunches are available. To RSVP, call (415) 528-4646. If you also wish to visit the Exploratorium, you must purchase a general admission ticket.