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Field Trip Resources: After Your Visit

Field Trip Resources: After Your Visit


Check out our recommended activities for grades 1–8 on the Exploratorium School Field Trip Program’s public page, hosted by howtoSMILE.org. These online Exploratorium activities are organized by grade level and connect to the California Science Standards.

Find Exploratorium activities online that reinforce concepts your students encountered at the Exploratorium, and investigate activities that will support future curriculum goals as well.

Snacks (classroom-sized exhibits)

Build a table-top version of one of your favorite Exploratorium exhibits.

Exploratorium Store

Visit the Exploratorium Store and check out our books, posters, and magazines, along with other great products.

Digital Library

Enhance your lessons by incorporating images and other media from our Digital Library. The different collections in the library include activities, images, webcasts, podcasts, and video clips related to scientific phenomena. There are also materials related to Exploratorium exhibits.

Professional Development Opportunities

Teacher Institute
Each summer the Teacher Institute presents institutes for secondary science and math teachers. Alumni are invited to attend a variety of workshops and advanced institutes. TI also offers the Teacher Induction Program that supports new science teachers by pairing them with experienced mentors and coaches.

Teacher Institute Teaching Tips
View short videos of Teacher Institute Teaching Tips, a series for science teachers, by science teachers.

Institute for Inquiry
The Institute for Inquiry offers a series of inquiry-related workshops. The workshops are designed for professional developers, but teachers are welcome to attend as well.