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Museum Galleries

Museum Galleries

The Exploratorium has six main galleries, each focused on a different area of exploration. Common to all are interactive exhibits that reward your attention and give you much to think about. Indulge your curiosity and ask your own questions as you play with the exhibits, and discover new ways to understand how our world works.

The galleries share the floor with our Exhibit Workshop, where our exhibits are researched, developed, and fabricated.

West Gallery

Human Phenomena

Experiment with thoughts, feelings, and social behavior.

South Gallery


Think with your hands.

Central Gallery

Seeing and Listening

Experiment with light and vision, color, sound and hearing, and motion and spatial perception.

East Gallery

Living Systems

Investigate the living world.

Bay Observatory Gallery

Landscape Observation

Explore the local environment.

Outdoor Gallery

Open your senses to this place by the Bay.