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Outdoor Gallery: Curators’ Statement

Outdoor Gallery: Curators’ Statement

The guiding principle of the Outdoor Gallery is to support and expand the Exploratorium’s role as a community museum dedicated to awareness. Helping to reinvent the civic role of a public museum as a place to gather and exchange ideas, the gallery also exemplifies how direct observations of natural and urban phenomena can blossom into artistic endeavors, scientific investigations, and open-ended inquiries.

The gallery features a combination of large- and small-scale exhibits, rotating art installations, and public programs  (including vendors, performance artists, and public exhibitions). Our defining location on the urban edge of the City and the Bay enhances visitors’ ability to perceive their surroundings with heightened precision and clarity that leads to deepened insight and understanding.

The gallery team is also extending its efforts beyond the boundaries of the Exploratorium campus, developing community-based partnerships that stretch throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area to create interactive outposts that both engage and delight.

Shawn Lani, Curator
Eric Dimond, Associate Curator