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Transit of Venus:  A Short History of the Keeling Curve (Clip)
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Dr. John Barnes, Station Manager of NOAA's Mauna Loa Observatory, shares the history of Charles Keeling's pioneering carbon dioxide measurements, which have been taken continually at Mauna Loa since 1958.

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Date: June 1, 2012
Format: Interview
Category: History of Science
Subject(s): General Science

Keywords: noaa, mauna loa, observatory, charles keeling, carbon tracking, keeling curve, exploratorium, transit of venus, climate change

Miscellaneous:  Charles Sowers and his Watch Water Freeze Exhibit (Webcast)
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Join exhibit developer Charles Sowers as he demonstrates Watch Water Freeze, an exhibit designed to encourage noticing. Patience with this piece is rewarded with breathtaking patterns of ice crystals. Viewed through a polarizing filter, the beautiful colors and crystalline structures of Watch Water Freeze have inspired countless museum visitors to reach for their cameras.

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Date: December 16, 2009
Format: Exhibit
Category: Popular Science
Subject(s): Chemistry, Physics, Art

Keywords: charles, sowers, water, ice, freeze, exhibit, polarization

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ECHO Climate Change Symposium:  Keynote Address-Charles Wohlforth (Webcast)
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Join the ECHO Climate Change Symposium and sit in on a keynote address from Charles Wohlforth, author of the 'The Whale and the Supercomputer'.

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Date: April 6, 2009
Format: Lecture
Category: Popular Science
Subject(s): Geology/Earth Science, Life Science/Biology

Keywords: echo, climate change, impact, charles wohlforth, author,

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