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Ancient Writings Revealed:  The Evidence Project Presents: Ancient Writings Revealed! (Webcast)
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Watch ancient text revealed and read for the first time in a thousand years! Archimedes was one of the world's greatest scientific and mathematical minds. His thoughts were inscribed on goatskin parchment, but the letters and diagrams were scraped off and written over by Greek monks in the Middle Ages. Now, using an intense x-ray beam generated at Stanford University's linear accelerator, some of the original Greek text will be revealed for the first time in the modern world.

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Date: August 4, 2006
Format: Expedition
Category: Everyday Science
Subject(s): History, Technology

Keywords: archimedes, palimpsest, slac, evidence, monks, greek writings, texts, imaging, x-ray, synchatron radiation, walters art museum, neil calder, will noel, roger eastman, abagail quant, uwe bergmann

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