Snacks about Mechanics

Snack name


Condiment Diver

Squeezing a plastic bottle filled with water and a condiment packet makes the packet sink. Letting go of the bottle makes the packet rise.

Coupled Resonant Pendulum

By taking advantage of resonance, you can cause two pendulums to swing in identical cycles.

Force Multiplier

The person pulling on the rope will make the other two people come together, no matter how hard they resist.

Giant Sieve Sorter

This is a sieve that sorts objects by size. Its screens act as boundaries, allowing objects that are small enough to pass through and preventing the passage of objects that are too large.

Spinning Cyclinder

A spinning rod with a mark near one end is set rotating and spinning at the same time. Amidst the blur of the spinning cylinder, the mark appears three times, forming a stationary triangle.

Vector Toys

A bob, or mass, hangs from a string attached to the front of the walking men. Watch as the string almost draws the vectors that make the toy work.



The Exploratorium 3601 Lyon Street San Francisco, CA 94123