Bronx Cheer Bulb

The visitor stands about three meters away from an orange glow lamp and gives a "Bronx Cheer*." The visitor sees the light from the lamp dance around while the cheer is being given. Alternatively, the visitor can chew or pretend to chew some food, the lamp will appear to vibrate. Visitors find it intriguing that only the one who is giving the cheer can see the glow of the lamp vibrate. Other visitors see no motion of the glow.

The lamp glow is flashing back and forth from one electrode to another 60 times a second (In Europe this would be 50 times a second). Giving the Bronx cheer or chewing, vibrates the visitors skull. When the skull vibrates so do the eyes. This causes the images of the filaments on the retinas to vibrate. The brain interprets the vibration as being due to the motion of the lamp, not to the vibration of the skull. The rapid flashing of the bulb makes the vibration more obvious.

*To give a Bronx cheer stick out your tongue, close your lips around it, and blow producing a vibration and noise.