Color Table

This exhibit consists of an octagonal table on which are mounted a number of colored graphic displays, painted surfaces, and objects. Red, green, blue and yellow hand-held filters are placed around the table and the visitor can can look at the various things on the table through these filters. If, for example, the visitor looks through a red filter at a graphic containing greens and blues, only very dark shades of gray will be seen. One graphic is written in a series of crayon colors. When viewed through the red filter, the reds, yellows, and oranges disappear, leaving behind the secret message written in blues and greens. The exhibit also has a small metal box with a small hole drilled in its top. Even though the box is painted black, the hole is "blacker than black." When the box is opened, one discovers that the inside is painted white and the hole only looks black because light that enters the box through the hole is absorbed before it escapes back through the hole. Also displayed on the table top is a set of six cards selected from the standard Ishihara color blindness test. Color blindness can be somewhat simulated by looking at the Ishihara test cards through colored filters.

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