Anti-Gravity Mirror
Area Sign - Bending Light
Bouncing Ball
Bridge Light
Bubble Graphics Board
Bubble Suspension
Bubble Tray
C - The Light
Christmas Tree Balls
Coated Optics
Critical Angle
Dichroic Clock
Disappearing Glass Rods
Echo Tube
Fluorescent Rods
Giant Guitar String
Holier Than Thou
Laser Communicator
Laser Demonstration
Light Island
Listening Vessels
Magic Wand
Multiple Raccoon Eyes
Pinball Machine
Polarized Light Island
Polarized Sunglasses
Polaroid Island (Audry's)
Porro Prism
Rear View
Resonant Bubble
Reverse Distance
Rotunda Echo
Soap Bubbles
Soap Film Painting
String Analogy
Unsung Voices
Vibrating String
Video Feedback
Watch Dog
Water Waves
Wave Machine

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