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Geno Armstrong

Geno Armstrong

Geno Armstrong has always had a strong interest and deep passion for engineering, science, and general mechanics. This naturally led to studying engineering in college and a professional career as a structural engineer with technical focus on cable engineering, pre-stressed and post-tensioned components for landmark buildings and bridges.

After joining KPMG nearly 20 years ago, his interest in engineering expanded to include understanding the business aspects of the engineering and construction industry. His focus shifted from how infrastructure projects are built to how they perform from a business, societal, and ESG perspective. His career has focused on helping companies manage risk and improve efficiency associated with planning and delivery of major capital programs around the world. Geno is a registered professional engineer in the state of Washington.

As a senior partner at KPMG, Geno focuses on serving large power and utility companies helping them manage the complexity of the changing industry landscape.

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