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Al Jarnow

Al Jarnow
Al Jarnow

Al Jarnow is a filmmaker and animator who has directed hundreds of works for Sesame Street and the Children's Television Workshop. His experimental films have been shown at museums, festivals, universities, schools, and televisions around the world.



An unlikely juxtaposition of a sandbox, video camera, and computer, Terraforms allows the visitor to simulate erosion via stop-motion animation. Processes that normally occur over great stretches of time can be mimicked in miniature, slowed down, sped up, and replayed by visitors. A video camera mounted overhead aims at an inclined, sand-filled box. Water pools at the high end, over-saturating the sand. As it moves to the lower end, it simulates a variety of erosion processes such as canyon carving, river meandering, and others.



Cubits (4 min.) animates an architectural catalogue of cubic rotations to explore the logic of animation and the nature of logic itself.