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Begin Here

Begin Here
Assignments, Instructions, Prompts, and Cues from the Artist’s Classroom

A lesson is a starting point, an invitation to explore, make, invent, and think anew. Begin Here is a growing collection of exemplary lessons, or learning approaches and instructions, developed and shared by artists. Historical and contemporary, the lessons reflect individual artists’ creative practices and methods, which shift and deepen the way we perceive and understand the world.

Experiential, improvisational, hypothetical, and experimental, the lessons take a variety of forms—from step-by-step instructions to open-ended prompts and invitations. Each focuses on an artist's particular question, investigation, or prompt, and each is grounded in an artist’s biographical, historical, cultural, and pedagogical background.

As a growing collection, Begin Here will reveal how art is a form of investigation that leads to discovery, and how artistic methods intersect and complement other disciplines in approach. We hope that the lessons will resonate for people of different ages, interests, and backgrounds. We also hope that Begin Here will become a resource for students, parents, and educators looking for inspiration and ideas that can be adapted and readapted to a wide range of situations.

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