Eric Glick Rieman

Thursday, June 9, 2016 • 7:30 p.m.

Exploratorium Pier 15, Kanbar Forum

$25 General; $20 Members; Space is extremely limited (150 seats). Includes After Dark admission.

Adults Only (18+)

Meditation, repetition, and breath are three of my favorite things.
—Eric Glick Rieman

Bay Area composer and improviser Eric Glick Rieman collaborates with snails, cats, and musicians to embrace a variety of perspectives in his wide-ranging pieces. Glick Rieman is known for his improvisations on the prepared and extended Rhodes electric piano, which he plays with coral, wire brush, bow, and marbles while muting its interior with rubber washers, cloth, and paper.

For Resonance, Glick Rieman’s trio will perform pieces from his cycles “Knitting” (2012) and "Snail Cantos" (2008-2012). While "Knitting" reflects the pleasant, contemplative, and repetitive aspects of knitting, “Snail Cantos” embodies a series of graphic scores as well as more traditionally notated material drawn from the mucous trails of snails. In addition, Glick Rieman will perform a solo improvisation on his extensively modified Rhodes electric piano, sending effects and loops through eight outputs and the Kanbar’s 99-speaker array to create an elegant, multilayered sound space.