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Nicole Minor: Arts Program Staff

Nicole Minor

Nicole Minor is the director of Moving Images, a group of media content creators at the Exploratorium. Moving Images produces videos, live webcasts, artist installations, podcasts, music compositions, and other content for both the Exploratorium website and the museum floor, much of which you can see on, our media portal. In her years at the Exploratorium, Nicole has created both temporary artworks of her own and supported many artists-in-residence projects through curated programs and installations. She has a deep interest in and appreciation of music and sound, and loves to learn about music that is new or unfamiliar. Nicole has also helped develop several new experimental soundscapes, which have played in the Kanbar Forum.

Nicole has served on film juries for the San Francisco International Film Festival, participated on panels related to media and the web, and guest taught classes for local universities such as the University of San Francisco and the San Francisco Art Institute.