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 Current Auroral Activity
High-Latitude Monitoring Station, Auroral Radar in Real Time

High-Latitude Monitoring Station, Auroral Radar in Real Time
HLMS (Anchorage, Alaska) Real-Time Plots - Updated automatically with incoming data from the HLMS Auroral Radar. More details at HLMS Real-Time Plots from Poker Flat Research Range home page.
Poker Flat All-Sky Camera Real-Time Images Visible Imaging System (VIS)
Poker Flat All-Sky Camera Real-Time Images. Images are updated automatically when the all-sky camera is in operation. Live images from Alaska. Go to real time images from the Poker Flat Research Range page for more details.
Visible Imaging System (VIS)- Image acquired with the Earth Camera, one of three cameras in the Visible Imaging System (VIS). More at Visible Imaging System Current Image page.

 Auroras in the News

Alaska Currents Magazine
Solar Max and the Northern Lights

BBC News
Sky Watchers Marvel at Light Show  (4/7/00)
And Here's Today's Space Weather Forecast (2/18/00),
Here Comes the Sun

Auroras Mystically Paint the Heavens (2/02/00)

NASA: Space Science News - Brushfires in the Sky (4/25/00),
Geomagnetic Storm (4/7/00)

Solar Maximum
Solar Max 2000: News
Scientist Say Earthly - Not Solar - Particles Create Auroras (6/01/00) ,NASA's IMAGE Telescope Shows Magnetopause Glow Around Earth (6/01/00), First Daylight Image of Aurora Caps 20-Year Quest (2/02/00)

USA Today
Understanding Auroras (2/10/00)
Solar Maximum Will Ignite Auroras (6/24/99)

 Aurora Forecasts & Data

- Alaska Currents Magazine
- Geophysical Institute Aurora Forecast
- Current Geomagnetic Conditions
- NOAA POES Auroral Activity
- Geomagnetic Data from the Auroral Observatory
- Rocket to the Aurora
- RealTime Estimation of Auroral Oval
- Tiger Radar (Aurora Australis)

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 Background on Auroras
 •  What are auroras (Self-Guided Tour)
 •  What makes auroras happen? , Why are they different colors?, Where can you see them?, How are auroras being studied?,What Can Auoras Teach Us?, - Gregory T. Delory Ph.D. from SSL at UCB . (RealAudio)
 • Auroras FAQ - From Poker Flat Reseach Center
 • What is the aurora? - From
 • Sun-Earth Connection Tutorial - From NASA

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