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Behind the Scenes

Take a deeper look at the Revealing Bodies exhibition through wide-ranging conversations with the artists, writers, scientists, and other experts who created and inspired the exhibition.

Listen to Melissa Alexander, Exhibition Director, as she relates a personal story that led to the creation of the show.

Hear BettyAnn Kevles, author of "Naked to the Bone," discuss the history of X rays and how they have affected our culture.
Steve Kurzman Cultural anthropologist Steve Kurzman looks at the cultural significance of prosthetic limbs. For more information, check out his Web site.
Scott SerranoSee clips of performance artist Scott Serrano as Dr. Wilson J. Quain, a Victorian anatomist who "dissects" himself.
Photographer Rosamond Purcell explores the history and aesthetic qualities of the "Medical Venus," the rare eighteenth-century wax anatomical model from Italy that served as the cornerstone to the exhibition.
Watch the dissection of a real pig's heart by Exploratorium educator Rhodri Dierst-Davies.

'Revealing Bodies'
Exhibition Director Melissa Alexander gives an expert introduction to the exhibition.

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Robert FryRobert Fry talks about his exhibit "Doppler Artery," which let you listen to your blood as it whooshed through your arteries.

Digital Persona founder Serge Belongie looks at the dangers and opportunities that arise with new technologies like biometrics.

Exhibit developers Robert Fry and Michael Brown give an introduction to the "Project Your Insides" exhibit.


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