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Cells to Self: Video Collection

Cells to Self Video Collection

Get the inside scoop on how we develop cell biology exhibits at the Exploratorium, and what we're learning about the microscopic worlds within the human body.

Meet Your Microbiome
Seeing Scientifically
Responsive Human Heart Cells


A Scientist's View

Let cell biologists take you on a visual tour of the biology of cancer, stem cells, embryonic development, and more. 

Frogs: Princes of Science — A Scientist's View
Making Heads and Tails of Planaria — A Scientist's View
Celebrating The Sea Urchin — A Scientist's View
What's So Interesting About Blood? — A Scientist's View
Stem Cells: Cells with Potential — A Scientist's View
Cancer: Cellular Misfits Run Amok -- A Scientist's View


Close Ups

See embryos developing under the microscopes at the Exploratorium. Cells divide, body parts begin to develop, and the organisms identity slowly begins to emerge.

Chick Embryo Development
zebrafish (Converted)
Zebrafish Dechorionated
Zebrafish Heartbeat
Zebrafish Mutant Heart