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The Scientific Center of Kuwait

The Scientific Center of Kuwait
The Scientific Center of Kuwait
Salmiya, Kuwait

Journey from Kuwait to outer space and understand the physics that shape our world.

The Scientific Center Kuwait (TSCK), a well-established center for informal science learning in the Middle East, is undergoing an expansion of its facility. Among their goals for reopening, TSCK hopes to provide young people with skills and knowledge needed for future professions, and to shape new educational standards across the gulf region to promote critical thinking, curiosity, and innovation. The Exploratorium collaborated with TSCK to design two new galleries: Kuwait, Earth, Universe, and Engineering Our World. These galleries will include 70 exhibits, both from the Exploratorium's collection and many newly developed for this site. The two galleries will be linked physically and intellectually by an iconic, interactive tower structure. 

Kuwait, Earth, Universe is a journey from place to space. Visitors investigate the world around them, from city to sea to planet to solar system, employing diverse observation tools as they focus on time, space, and matter. Exhibits highlight the complex and surprising relationships that shape our understanding of places, environments, and our own lives. Solarium, for example, projects a decade’s worth of multi-spectrum images from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, while an Explorer Kiosk spurs visitors to contemplate the swirling surface of our nearest star and peel back its layers to reveal patterns in sunspots and flares.

In Engineering Our World, visitors discover pure physics phenomena and the ways they are applied to building our cities and communities. A diverse and flexible array of exhibit experiences support visitors in exploring the physical world, honing their problem-solving skills, and sparking their imaginations. City Power Grid, for example, inspires visitors to explore the variables affecting a fictional power grid, help avoid a blackout, and consider the impact of individual and collective choices around power usage.

Kuwait, Earth, Universe and Engineering Our World are set to open in 2024.