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The Science Centre Singapore

Science Centre Singapore
The Science Centre Singapore
Jurong East, Singapore

Observing and exploring our shifting planet.

The Science Centre Singapore’s (SCS) Earth Alive gallery introduces visitors to the interconnectedness and interdependence of Earth’s systems. In partnership with SCS and the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS), a Research Centre of Excellence at the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, the Exploratorium reimagined an existing gallery that brings Earth’s physical phenomena— earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, storms, and even climate change— to life. In exploring the causes of Earth’s changes and their effects on multicultural Southeast Asia, this project helps visitors understand our shifting planet and see how communities can respond to such changes.

The Earth Alive gallery covers content across four interconnected areas: atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere, and human sphere. Exhibits such as Earthquake Simulator, Wave Tank, and Volcano Cross-Section provide visitors the opportunity to investigate Earth’s natural shifts and the resulting beauty and risk. Alongside exhibits such as Climate Chat and Bend the Carbon Curve, these experiences encourage visitors to analyze the consequences of their own decisions on the planet and society.

In addition to the redevelopment of this gallery, the project included extensive professional development for Science Centre Singapore staff who continue to oversee and enhance the Earth Alive experience.

Earth Alive opened in 2020.

Image from Science Centre Singapore