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Reggie Watts: Osher Fellows

Reggie Watts
Osher Fellow • August 2012

Hilarious, brilliant, unpredictable Reggie Watts is a multitalented artist deservedly celebrated in music and contemporary comedy worlds. Most impressively, he is committed to complete improvisation for his experimental musical and verbal performances. Reggie's improvised musical sets are created on the fly using only his voice and audio equipment. He has spoken and performed at TED, SXSW, PopTech!, Bumbershoot, the Edinburgh Festival, and many other performance festivals and concerts. He has appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, toured with Conan O'Brien, and collaborated with the band LCD Soundsystem. He is also a regular on the video podcast variety show Comedy Bang! Bang! He has received many awards for his work including the 2006 Andy Kaufman award and a 2009 Creative Capital Grant. During his Exploratorium residency, Reggie engaged in a sonic exploration of the Sound Column at our former location, and also celebrated the Mars Rover’s exploration with a stunning multilayered musical composition. While at the Exploratorium, Reggie spent time with our Explainers, the Tinkering Studio team, and enjoyed experiencing the exhibits and engaging with staff including our Executive Director and web team.