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Richard Gregory: Osher Fellows

Richard Gregory
Osher Fellow • September and October, 1998; March 1989

Sadly, Professor Richard Gregory passed away on May 17, 2010. His legacy as world-renowned visual perception scientist, and his cherished friendship and collaboration with the Exploratorium, lives on in his influential research, wit, and energetic support for hands-on science centers. He was the author/editor of numerous books on perception including The Oxford Companion to the Mind, The Intelligent Eye and Eye and Brain, and was founding editor of the journal Perception in 1972. He went on to start the Exploratory, the first hands-on science center in the UK in 1987. He was also a professor at the University of Bristol and was elected the first president of ECSITE (The European Network for Science Centres and Museums) when it was created in 1989. He was an advisor in the creation of the Mind Zone in the Millennium Dome from 1997 to 1999, and consulted on exhibit selection and content for the science center Phaeno in Wolfsburg, Germany, in 2000.