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Next US Total Solar Eclipse (Apr 8, 2024)

Solar Eclipse 2017 Map & Calendar

Solar Eclipse 2017 Map & Calendar

Total solar eclipses happen regularly but are widely scattered across the globe. To see one, you have to be in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. This map shows the paths of total solar eclipses for the years 2010–2035.

August 21, 2017: The eclipse will sweep a 60-mile-wide path across the United States, moving across Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Watch the live stream on our website.

After 2017, the next total solar eclipse visible from the U.S. won’t be until 2024.

2019 South America
2020 South America
2021 Antarctica
2024 Central and North America