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Dive into our education resources—and see what you discover. 

We believe that learning is joyful and lifelong. By creating and sharing hands-on experiences that encourage questions, explorations, and individual discoveries, we're transforming the way people learn. Learning this way empowers people to figure things out for themselves—about science, but also about any topic, claim, or idea.

If you're a teacher, parent, student, after-school educator, or professional developer, there are lots of unique resources here for you. Dive in and see what you discover.

Professional Development Programs and Resources

Whether inside the museum or on the other side of the planet, in school settings or out in the world, we offer a variety of resources—videos, classroom activities, tools, and workshops—that support better teaching and better learning.

Creating Learning & Teaching Experiences

The Exploratorium provides a variety of programs for children and youth throughout the the community. These include free events, partnerships with community outreach organizations, and in-house programs to provide learning and leadership opportunities.