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Field Trip Resources

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Field Trip Resources

We have resources that you can use before, during, and after your field trip, including classroom activities and tips for your chaperones. 

Recommended Planning Tools

Student Planning Page

Fill out this student planning page (PDF) with your students to help them prepare for the day logistically. It will help them remember things such as what to bring, who is in their group, and why they are going on a field trip.


Chaperone Tips

This guide will help your chaperones plan for the field trip. It includes tips on exploring exhibits with students, as well as space to record meeting times and places. Available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.



Going Deeper During Your Visit

These resources can add structure to your visit—they're free and usually take about 30 minutes of field trip time.


Chaperone Guides: Grades K–5

These chaperone guides help chaperones focus students' explorations and connect their experiences to the Next Generation Science Standards. They don’t require students to use paper and pencil; the chaperones will document the students' experiences.


Student Guides: Grades 6–8

These student guides help students focus their explorations and connect their exhibit experiences to the Next Generation Science Standards. They do not require students to use a pen and paper; the students will use their smartphones to make short videos.


Open Pathways

Customize a scavenger hunt.
Grade Level: All Grades
Time Commitment: 5 minutes to multi-day

Encourage your students to share their exhibit experiences and make content connections across exhibits. 

Scavenger hunt ideas.


Juicy Questions Guide: K-12

The Juicy Questions activity helps you use inquiry as a way to deeply engage with any exhibit here at the Exploratorium.



Going Deeper in Your Classroom


Find Exploratorium activities online that reinforce concepts your students encountered at the Exploratorium, and investigate activities that will support future curriculum goals as well.



Build a table-top version of one of your favorite Exploratorium exhibits.


Digital Library

Enhance your lessons by incorporating images and other media from our Digital Library. The different collections in the library include activities, images, webcasts, podcasts, and video clips related to scientific phenomena. There are also materials related to Exploratorium exhibits.


Previsit Activities

These activities are designed to help your students warm up their observation skills before visiting the Exploratorium.