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As One

As One
How closely can you and a partner mirror your movements?

The Exploratorium commissioned Ohio artist Amery Kessler to create an interactive work for the Science of Sharing exhibition. As with many Exploratorium exhibits, Amery developed As One through a process of iterative prototyping—creating an initial mockup, observing and talking to visitors as they experimented with it, then refining the concept to produce the final exhibit.

Science of Sharing was designed to give visitors opportunities to experiment with social phenomena like cooperation, negotiation, intergroup conflict, and collaborative problem solving.

As One invites two participants to partner, and take turns in the roles of leader or follower as they mirror one another’s movements.

Amery's work explores similar social territory, and adds a new dimension to the exhibit collection. The experience draws its power from the unspoken communication and sense of shared purpose it prompts as users bring their movements and thoughts into alignment.

Reflecting upon the work, Kessler remarks, "Whether you are sitting across from a familiar face or a stranger, connecting on these simple terms can reveal the subtle elements of relating in the moment.”