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Bamboo Weaving Star

yarn wrapped on large tent-shaped looms
Bamboo Weaving Star

What can you create with string?

This exhibit explores weaving, a common activity across many cultures. On this loom built by artists, you can experiment with your own techniques. There are no rules, no instructions. Follow your intuition. You can also tap the posts to make sound. This is an example of slow art, an interactive experience that blurs the line between the artist and the visitor. As you create, you can also discover what the person next to you is doing and explore what others have already made in this work of collective imagination.

About the Artist

“We want people to explore: to make mistakes, to create and re-create.” —Chaco Kato

“There’s no wrong way to interact with this loom. No one knows how this is going to turn out, and the surprise is part of the fun.” —Dylan Matorelli

Based in Australia and Japan, Slow Art Collective has been creating interactive looms in public spaces for a decade. Each new experiment in participatory design reuses the yarn from the previous one, creating a never-ending art piece that spans different countries and cultures.