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Building Blocks

arranged blocks cast shadow of a face
Building Blocks

What do you see on the wall here, in the light and the shadow? 

The building blocks may be familiar to you, from the room of a child or from memories of your own youth. Here, they have been arranged near a single light source to create something unfamiliar, something new. Some people don’t notice the shadow. They look only at the blocks. That’s like life, says artist Kumi Yamashita. How much do we all miss in the world around us every day?

About the Artist

“You cannot enjoy light without shadow. Without both we would live in a flat world.” —Kumi Yamashita

Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita, who lives in Woodstock, New York, has always been drawn to things that can’t be held onto, that change. While studying art and exploring light and shadow on paper, she began working with actual shadows cast by physical objects.