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Color Study

color study
Color Study

Throughout my career as an installation artist, I have utilized and been obsessed with string as . . . a humble, ubiquitous, and versatile material.

Meditate on color in motion as Chaco Kato “draws” and “paints” hypnotic images.

Color Study is an evolving installation. Here, constantly changing colors and geometric patterns are projected onto a solid but seemingly weightless artwork made of thousands of pieces of string. 

The colors correspond to the frequency of sound waves in musical compositions by Dylan Martorell (“twelve petal flower octaved”), Tetsuaki Hirata (“Transtudio”), and Chaco Kato (“Sound Scape 1,” “Sound Scape 2,” “Sound Scape 3”). 

About the Artist

Chaco Kato is an interdisciplinary artist whose works include sculpture, drawing, installation, and community-based projects. Collective actions and communal discourse often serve as the primary inspirations for her work. Chaco's projects are often catalyzed by simple impulses and frameworks, including reciprocity, negotiation, and craft practices of weaving and knotting. She is a founding director (with Dylan Martorell) of Slow Art Collective, which focuses on sustainability, material ethics, collaboration, DIY culture, and collaboration.