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by Collectif Scale

Take a seat and watch 48 twirling rods of light that appear to twist and coil. Put on a headset to immerse yourself in the synchronized original compositions. This version of Flux alternates between two “concerts,” each offering different synesthetic experiences.

This kinetic light and sound sculpture oscillates between gentle waves and frenetic rhythms. Small variations of light phasing, time delay, rotation speed, and vibration allow for organic movements and create hypnotizing patterns. When a rod’s position is slightly different from the previous one it creates a ripple effect.

Music by Grégory Sémah
Coproduction by Région Grand Est, Tetro +A


Note: Photosensitive individuals should approach the artwork with caution.

About the Artists

Collectif Scale is a Paris-based multidisciplinary collective of artists and technicians who create playful, innovative, and accessible works. Since their beginning, members have sought to explore the links between music and visuals, light and architectural design, entertainment and contemporary art, and man and machine. They employ motion design, robotics, LED mapping, light, architecture, and programming to create dynamic, interactive, and often tangible objects.