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Glow FY22 GALAXY03

Glow FY22 GALAXY03

Gaze up into this LED galaxy and share a moment of discovery with those around you. GALAXY03 (2021) is a site-specific sculpture that visualizes waves of light energy passing through the people below.

“I make site-specific, interactive light installations to connect people,” CHiKA writes. “My inspiration comes from living in opposite worlds—East and West, non-physical and physical, invisible and visible, latest technology and minimalism—and amidst Japanese philosophy, Zen, Taoism, visual content, light design, and experimental sound.”

On view in Glow: Discover the Art of Light, November 18, 2021–January 30, 2022.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Artist: CHIKA

CHiKA is a Japanese-born, New York–based multidisciplinary artist. She uses the latest technology in digital art to create experiential environments that examine the relationship between minimalistic structure and human connection. As an educator, she is the founder of Mappathon™, a projection and LED pixel-mapping workshop. CHiKA is currently a Designer-in-Residence at the New York Hall of Science.