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One Candle Mirror

front view of a circle of small mirrors reflecting a candle light in patterns
One Candle Mirror

This is the latest kinetic sculpture in Rozin’s Mechanical Mirror series in which he investigates viewer participation and image creation by means of reflection. 

This artwork uses only a single candle as its light source. The light from the candle is manipulated through 278 motor-mounted 3D printed lenses, which move independently.

The piece has two modes of operation: an interactive mode where the viewer is reflected, and a mode where various programmed animations take over the display. Whether activated by a person or a machine, the result is dynamic.

Glow 2023 | Daniel Rozin

Employing various materials—wood, trash, acrylic, steel, pompoms—Daniel Rozin explores what constitutes an image, and what can be transformed into one. He creates artworks that have the unique ability to change and respond to the presence of the viewer. Sometimes the viewer is the content, other times the viewer is invited to help create the image. Rozin has exhibited his work worldwide and won numerous awards. He is an Arts Professor in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University’s Tisch School of The Arts.