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Sound Sculpture

Sound Sculpture
Sound Sculpture

Sound Sculpture is an interactive sound and light instrument for spontaneous collaboration.

Portable, location-aware cubes create sound and light with your help. Each cube has a transponder inside to identify its location in real time. When a cube changes color it indicates a change in sound. 

Move cubes to create dynamic musical compositions. One axis on the grid represents rhythm, the other axis pitch. For example, moving a cube higher will produce a higher pitch; moving a cube to the left shifts its sound to earlier in the compositional loop.  

Group cubes and leave space between them to create musical variations. Align cubes vertically to create harmonies or chords. If neighboring cubes are ascending or descending, a musical scale is formed.

About the Artists

Masary Studios is a Boston-based transdisciplinary artist collective that reconsiders environments through site-specific installations using sound, light, interactivity, and performance. The studio was founded in 2015.