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Science Journal

Science Journal
A Mobile App for Android Devices

You’ve got a laboratory in your pocket—it’s your smartphone—and the Science Journal mobile app from Google will help get you experimenting with it.

See something you want to measure? How bright is it in my room compared to outside? How loud is the dog's bark compared to a passing bus? The Science Journal mobile app, developed by Google's Making & Science initiative, allows you to gather data from the world around you, relying on your phone’s built-in sensors to measure light, sound, acceleration, and more. Record data over time, store and analyze your data graphically, and gather and store questions and ideas along the way.

Ready for more serious play? A series of companion activities, developed by the Exploratorium, can help get you started exploring with the app. Make light-based musical instruments, put yourself in an electrical circuit, build a wind-powered kinetic sculpture, and make a mini seesaw for your smartphone that teaches you how tell stories with graphs.

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