Paul is an experienced geologist and maybe one of the world's greatest teachers. Already famous from his appearance on the David Letterman Show, he was last seen on the internet during the solar eclipse in Turkey. He is also a mountain climber and avid GPS user. Don't miss Paul's roadside geology stops along the way!
Always in search of hotter, more obscure locations, Sabrina has led the research for Faultline Project. When not navigating the San Andreas, Sabrina can be found in her garden or body surfing at Ocean Beach.
Julie is the Faultline Project's video director and lead camera operator, managing to organize all the technical needs of the Webcast Studio as well as shoot beautiful footage of the crew's roadtrip. Julie is a friend of stray cats and complex projects.
Decked out in audio gear, Jason is the man behind the scenes, who balances the voices of your gregarious hosts with mild-mannered scientists. When not wearing headphones, Jason is a rock and roll star who enjoys launching rockets in the desert.
Your host back at the Exploratorium, Zane is the link between the Exploratorium and the remote crew and will be tracking their progress as they travel the faultline. Zane enjoys putting stick pins in maps and conjuring up new projects for the Live @ Exploratorium Studio.
Co-host of the webcast back at the Exploratorium, Eric is a geologist and teacher who works extensively with Exploratorium exhibits for teaching about natural phenomena. Eric really likes rocks!
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