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Black Box

A futuristic and colorful scene with neon lights, silhouettes of people, and a dynamic, illuminated environment.
Black Box

This 800-square-foot gallery space provides an ideal environment for media art installations.

A place for presenting artwork that inspires and astounds in mysterious and wondrous ways, the Black Box is a darkened 800-square-foot space that provides an ideal environment for media art installations. A commonly used metaphor in science and engineering, a black box describes something that has observable inputs and outputs and unseen inner workings. Something goes in and something comes out, but the process by which transformation occurs is “black” or unknown to the observer. At the Exploratorium, the black box concept has been combined with our Center for Art & Inquiry’s focus on art as a way of knowing through exploration, inquiry, and discovery.

Drawing on the Exploratorium’s unique province as a hybrid museum presenting and developing artworks at the juncture of art, science, and technology, the Black Box features dynamic, innovative multimedia exhibitions to prompt curiosity and transformation.

Past Installations

Water Rhythms
Water Rhythms by Susie Ibarra and Michele Koppes
Water Rhythms is a story of climate change told by ice and water. The immersive sound installation is a collaboration between composer, percussionist, and sound artist Susie Ibarra and glaciologist, geographer, and climate scientist Michele Koppes.

Friday, August 12–Sunday, October 23, 2022