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Reed Frog
Frogs Web Site Credits:
Jim Spadaccini
, project manager, art direction, digital video & audio.
John Fowler
,layout, design.
Gary Crounse,
original exhibit graphics and elements
Lowell Robinson
, interactive exhibits.

Pearl Tesler
, author: "The Amazing Adptable Frog"
Mary K. Miller, author: "Inside the Lab and out in the Field"
Douglas Fox, author: "Cold-blooded Solutions to Warm-blooded Problems"
Pearl Tesler, author: "The Amazing Adptable Frog"
Amy Snyder, author & photographer: "Rayne, Louisian: Frog City USA"
Noel Wanner, author: "Frog Myths Across Cultures"

Khristine Page , illustrator: "Frog Myths Across Cultures"

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