Frogs contains many RealVideo and RealAudio files, you'll need the RealPlayer to be able to play both types of files. If you're only receiving audio files you likely have either a slower than 28.8 connection or an older version of the Real Player.

The latest version, RealPlayer 5.0 is available for Macintosh, Windows, Windows 95, and UNIX platforms. To find out whether your particular machine is compatible, check the
RealPlayer Requirements on the Progressive Networks homepage.

If you are visiting from AOL (and using version 3.0 or later), please read Progressive Networks installation instructions for AOL.

Download the free RealPlayer.RealPlayer

Please Note: For more information and help with RealAudio, visit the FAQ at Progressive Networks.


All of the online exhibits in the Frogs website require Shockwave. The Frog Tracker requires the lastest version of Shockwave, Version 7--which requires a PowerPC or Pentium processor. Disappearing Act will work with older versions of Shockwave and older processors.

Shockwave is a free plug-in that enables interactive multimedia on the web, and is available for Mac and Windows. For more information on the Shockwave plug-in please visit the Shockwave information page.

Download the free Shockwave Plug-in.Shockwave


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