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Whole Frog Project
Whole body, 3D imaging of anatomy as a curriculum tool for high school biology classes.

Frogs!/Wisconsin Sea Grant Madison Area JASON X

Learn all about a frog's life cycle, learn how to draw a frog, check out interviews with scientists and more.

Friends of Frogs: K-12 students, educators
". . . connects K-12 students, educators, families, and scientists from Minnesota and beyond to study and celebrate frogs and their habitats. Full of thought provoking, engaging activities that will help you discover frogs as you've never known them before."

Frog & Toad Forum
Lots of posted messages from people interested in frogs. Ask your question here. 

Species and Regional

Poison Frogs
A beautiful and informative site on these "Jewels of the Rain Forest." Descriptive with many links.

Frogs of Western Australia: The Frog Files
Tons of colorful photos of frogs of Western Australia, along with copious scientific descriptions. Frog links and references, too.

The Complete Treefrog Homepage
Great sounds and pictures of tree frogs, links, home breeding and care tips, plus your chance to join the International Hylid Society.

Water Frog Information Pool
Scientific abstracts and information about water frogs, plus lots of cool graphics and frog voices. Contact scientists and researchers here.

Wood Frogs: Nature North Zine

Learn more about the fascinating wood frog (Rana sylvatica). This frogs freezes solid each winter.

Kenya: Frogs of the Arabuko-Sukoke Forest
Scientific descriptions of many species with pictures. Hear the surprising variety of the sounds they make. View a list of their predators. 

Westward Frog
Dedicated to the conservation of Western amphibians. This site includes photos and sounds of frogs from the American West.

Environmental Concerns

Latest Information about Deformed Frogs in Minnesota
Authoritative information about a recent study of the water from two wetland sites in Minnesota where high numbers of deformed frogs have been found in the last two years.

Public Broadcasting System: Frog Mutants
Article and links from 1996: "Mutant frogs have been found in several states, even as far as Japan. Is it pollution, or unidentified environmental changes?"

Rainforest Action Network
Information on campaigns to save the rainforest. The site includes a "kid's corner" with information just for kids and classrooms.

Save The Frogs
Concerned about disappearing frogs? They are often thought of as a bellweather to indicate environmental change.

Songs and Calls

NatureSound Studio
Great quality RealAudio frog sounds. Sounds of birds, insects and mammals are also included.

Calaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee
Every year, thousands of frog jockeys leap at the chance to win the World Frog Jump Championship and $5,000.

A frog page especially for kids. Facts, pictures, games, etc. 

The Amphibian Research Center
The Amphibian Research Centre was established as a centre dedicated to research and conservation of Australia's unique frogs." 

Charles Bogert's Wonderful World of Frogs and Croaks
A sampling of the varied ribbets of North American frogs. 


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