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Learning Toolbox for Parents

Learning Toolbox for Parents

Make sense of timely topics and find general science support for your virtual classroom or learning together at home.

Science is all around us, and chances are, you’re already doing it. Everyday tasks and moments of simple play can be deep sources of inquiry, learning, and delight.

A parent’s guide to doing science with kids

You don't have to be a scientist or a teacher to experiment and learn alongside your kids. These three tips will help nurture curiosity and investigation as you explore the world of science together.

Tinkering @ Home

Bend light, see what spins, and explore mechanical motion—these Tinkering prompts invite learners of all ages to play with big ideas using things found around the house.

Hungry for Science

Let’s get cooking—Hungry for Science is a video series that explores the science behind tips and tricks in the kitchen.

Family-Friendly Science Snacks

Exploratorium Science Snacks are hands-on activities that explore science that you can construct yourself. This curated collection of Snacks are safe and easy to do with things you probably have around your house.

Bocadillos científicos
colección de actividades
Bocadillos científicos

This collection of Science Snacks—hands-on science activities using readily available materials—is available in Spanish. ¡Disfruta!

Take a virtual tour of the Exploratorium

Bring the Exploratorium to the screen of your choice with this collection of videos hosted by Exploratorium exhibit developers, scientists, and educators.

Science in the City
Notice the Science in Your City

Science is all around us. In this video series, the Exploratorium travels outside its walls, sharing stories of engineering, ecology, geology, architecture, weather, sound, and more.