The Field Museum -A museum of Natural History, this site has an interesting collection of online exhibits and educational activities. There are exhibits on dinosaurs, Javanese masks, and spiders.
Cool Site: June 1996

Dilophosaurus! A Narrated Exhibition -A narrated tour of the discovery of dilophosaurus. This tour is provided by the UC museum of Paleontology (a cool site last year). Very interesting, but be warned that the image and sound files are large.
Cool Site: May 1996

The Natural History Museum: London -This site has informative details of London's Natural History Museums's scientific research. There are even virtual reality fossils which you can view with a VRML browser. There's a lot to explore at this site.
Cool Site: February 1996

U.C. Berkeley Museum of Paleontology Public Exhibits -A fascinating exploration into the past. The "Web Lift to any Taxon" is especially interesting. Follow the path of evolution!
Cool Site: June 1995

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