The Exploratorium's Learning Studio is an experimental multimedia and communications lab. The Exploratorium is a museum of science, art and human perception, located in the Palace Of Fine Arts in the Marina district of San Francisco.

    The Learning Studio works primarily with teachers, exploratorium staff and artists. We hope that in the future when our facility expands we will be able to serve the visiting public as well.

    The Learning Studio provides opportunities for creative multimedia and communications development. The Learning Studio is part of the Science Learning Network (SLN). Funded by the National Science Foundation and the Unisys Corporation, the SLN seeks to provide meaningful Internet explorations and resources for science educators. Ross School is one of the Exploratorium's partners in this project.

    The Learning Studio is where the Exploratorium conducts many of its telecommunications projects and experiments. General information on some of these projects can be found on the ExploraNet Projects Page.

Past Projects

    Here are some pointers to some past projects the Learning Studio has been involved in.

The Internet at 41,000 Feet. The World's first Internet video conference to a plane in the stratosphere!
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In Celebration of National Pi Day on March 14th. This page uses many Netscape 2.0 features and Java script. Click here to visit the The Ridiculously Enhanced Pi Page 3!
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    For questions or comments about the Learning Studio send e-mail to:

    Laura Quilter
    Learning Studio Facilitator



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