The Lesson Plan
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    Time Required:
    3 to 4 weeks intermixed with other lesson plans

  1. The uses of satellites
  2. The development of satellite technology
    Objective: The students will be able to:
  1. Use the Internet to do research.
  2. Organize information and make a presentation on a satellite to the class.
  3. Discuss the capability of the leading edge of technology for a given time
  4. Use modern technology* (computer graphic programs, computer presentation programs, or other forms of reproduction of information) to make an effective presentation. This objective is optional and will depend on the resources available at your school.
  • computer(s) with modem and printer
  • telephone line
  • Internet access (program and account)
  • handouts (provided)
  • computer application programs*
  1. Make handouts outlining the assignment (or use the one provided below, see "Assignment Handout" button).
  2. Prepare students to use the internet.
  3. Teach the computer skills necessary to make an effective presentation.*
  4. *Note: Although this is not a computer application class, it is important for the students to know how to use the computer. The programs required are a word processor, a graphic program to import graphics, some form of presentation program, and communication program. The extent that you include computer application skills into your class will depend on the resources at your school and your comfort level with computers. You may want to team teach with the computer teacher at your school.

  1. Your assignment is to browse the Internet to look up information on the history of your satellite (list of possibilities are enclosed, see the "Assignment List" button below).
  2. Using the information, make a presentation (including visual aids and handouts, see the "Presentation Methods" button below) to the class.
  3. Hand in an outline of your presentation
  4. Hand in a research log (where did you get the information; title and address, see the "Research Log Form" button below) of all information used.
  5. Hand in printouts of all information used.
    Students will be graded on:
  1. Presentation -
    • Preparation (were you ready)
    • Clarity and effectiveness of the presentation (were you interesting and convincing?)
    • Effectiveness of visual aids used
    • Were handouts used?

  2. Written report submitted (to include)
    • Outline of presentation (may be the same as handout)
    • Research log (title and address of all information used)
    • Print out of all information used
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