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Middle Ground: Share a Joke

Middle Ground: Share a Joke

Try this:

  • 1. Find a joke.

What did the duck say when it bought some lipstick?

Put it on my bill.

  • 2. Ask someone nearby if they want to hear a joke.
  • 3. Deliver the joke.

Joking for a better world: how humor can lighten the day

Humor is a useful tool for interacting with people. Laughing together can ease tensions and forge connections. But…use humor responsibly!

Make a connection: Trying your joke on a stranger? Catch the person’s eye, smile, and say hello.

Stay positive: Want everyone to laugh? Use humor that doesn’t make anyone cry, flinch, or fume.

Read the vibe: Some times are not right for a joke. Be aware of people’s moods.

Change it up: If your humor’s bombing, try a different approach.

It’s good medicine: You can use humor to relax people, cope with stresses, and address difficult topics.

It shouldn’t be a power tool: Don’t put other people down in order to build yourself up.

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