THE LIBRARY is the result of a collaborative effort by many generous individuals and institutions. Langton is especially grateful to muralists Susan Greene, Barry McGee, Ruby Rose V. Neri, Raymond Patlán, and Eduardo Pineda; research and outreach coordinator Francisco Jiménez; text designer and on-line consultant Ari Salomon; Musée artist Stephanie Syjuco; Steve Anker and the San Francisco Cinematheque; panelists Barton Bernstein, Alex Pang, and Gregg Zachary; Susan Schwartzenberg, Larry Shaw and the Exploratorium; Kai Bird, Laura Yamhure and The Historians Committee for an Open Debate on Hiroshima; Bryan Burkhardt; Susan Cervantes; Joshua Distler; ERIK; Hector Escarraman; David Hyry; Rupert Jenkins; Victoria Kirby; Rie Kito; Susan Goldstein and Andy Kivel; Becky Masaki and family; Alicia McCarthy; MLK; Jenni Morozumi; Jackson Pineda; REA; Marina S. Reyes; SPIE; Nancy Togami and family; Ellen Webb Dance Company; and many other contributors to the project.

THE LIBRARY could not have been realized without the dedicated and expert assistance of preparators Tony Tredway and Jeff Richards; curatorial committee members Seyed Alavi, Donna Graves, and Bruce Tomb; interns and volunteers Patricia Albers, Isabel Ancona, Joel Morrow, Nina Stavinga; theater technician David Lougee, and staff members Marie Maxey and Amy Hicks.

THE LIBRARY is funded in part by our membership, board of directors, and the Grants for the Arts San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund.

All photos by 6th Street Studios.

Web site designed by Isabel Ancona and Ari Salomon

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